Jibanananda Das

Jibanananda Das

1,000 карма
United Kingdom (Great Britain)

Naked Lonely Hand Nagna Nirjan Hat

Darkness once again thickens throughout the sky:
This darkness, like light's mysterious sister
She who has loved me always,
Whose face I have yet to see,
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Before Death Mrityu-r Agey

We who have walked deserted stubble fields on a December evening,
Who have seen over the field's edge a soft river woman
Her fog flowers-they all are like some village girls of old-We who have seen in darkness the akanda tree, the dhundu...
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Again and again through the day I meet a cat
In the tree's shade, in the sun, in the crowding brown leaves
After the success of a few fish
Or inside a skeleton of white earthI find it, as absorbed in the
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Theres a rather indistinct human anxiety

There's a rather indistinct human anxiety all around in the day's light:on streets, in alleys, on tram line tracks and sidewalks;
Somewhere just now another's home is to be auctioned-it seems,
Dirt cheap
Everyone is going to take ad...
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In Camp Camp-ey

Here on the edge of the forest I pitched camp
All night long in pleasant southern
By the moon's lightI listen to the call of a doe in heat
To whom is she calling
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The Hunt Sikar

Sky, the soft blue of grasshopper's belly
Guava and custard apple trees all around, green as parrot feathers
A single star lingers in the
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Sensation Bodh

Into the half light and shadow I go
Within my
Not a dream, but some sensation is at work
Not a dream, not peace, not love,
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