Theres a rather indistinct human anxiety

There's a rather indistinct human anxiety all around in the day's light:on streets, in alleys, on tram line tracks and sidewalks;

Somewhere just now another's home is to be auctioned-it seems,

Dirt cheap.

Everyone is going to take advantage of everyone else

Thereby get to heaven ahead of all.

Many must be out of breath, butA couple or even one person may buy, through deceiving many,

The house and furniture on auction-or even all the

That aren't up for sale.

In this world, interest accrues: but not for everyone.

Indescribable bank notes in the hands of one or two persons.

And these high-ranking persons of the world

And take everything, even women.

The rest of mankind, like profuse leaves of late autumn in darkness,

Wish to fly off toward a river somewhere,or toward the ground- and mix in with some germinating seedof the earth.

Even knowing that many births have been destroyed,

The proprietress must take possession of the familiar waters, partiallight,

When again she returns in the smell of sunshine, in immortality ofdust, grass, flowers:

And considering this, they blend into the darkness.

They disappeared then dead.

The dead never return to this world.

Are the dead nowhere; are they somewhere?

It seems the dead are nowhere except in the heartsof peaceful men pacing some November path;

In that case, it would be well calmly to

Light, food, sky, and woman somewhat before death.

Thousands of Bengali villages, silent and powerless, sink intohopelessness and lightlessness.

When the sun sets, a certain lovely haired

Comes to fix her hair in-a bun-but by whose hands?

But it remains loose and flowing as she gazes out-but for whom?

There are no hands-no person anywhere; one of the thousand

Nights, smiling, like a picture on some scroll, some floral decoration,

Had almost become a beautifully wife-eyed woman; then all wasextinguished .

Here that day too they caught the scent of newly harvested rice;

Many crows, in the sunlight and flavor of the new rice,

At the conch-shell calls blown by the eldest and so on in this  neighborhood-by lower-caste women of that neighborhood,

Flew in and ate of the nectar, then left;

Now there's no sound not even of all those crows;

Human skulls and bones do not finitely enumerate man;

In time's hand he is limitless.

Over there in the field on a moonlight night the peasants used to dance,

After drinking strange rice wine, prior to the weddingof a boatman with the little goddess daughter of a low-castefisherman-And after the marriage-and before the birth of their child.

And those children today are nearly trampled to

In the exhausted, ignorant crowded human communityof this age's evil nation-states; the great grandfathers of all

Village children have laughed, played, and loved-and now gone

In darkness after raising permanently the zemindars' hook-swingingtree.

They were not much better then; still,

Compared with the blind and tattered village beingsof today's famines and riots and sorrows and illiteracy,

They were the inhabitants of some separate, obvious world.

Is everything today hazy?

It is now difficult to think clearly;

The rule is to keep everyone informed with half-truths in darkness;

And then alone in that darkness it has become the

To surmise the other half of the truth; and

Looks at everyone else out of the corner of his eye.

The inner thoughts of creation are-enmity.

The inner thoughts of creation: the dragging of a shadow ofour doubts over our sincerity and thus bringing us pain.

We see a fountain of water gush forth from

Mountains and stones and then we gaze into our

And see that because the first water is red with the blood of the slain,

The tiger is still today chasing after the deer;

I have killed man-my body is filled with


I am the brother of this fallen

On the paths of the world; he considered me his younger

Yet the heart hardened and he felled me, and I

Sleeping beside the bloody swells in this river, having

The ignorant one who was like an elder sibling-burying their

In his narrow chest, they appeal to all

Have taken the affectionate vow of life,

Yet since there is no light anywhere, they sleep on.

They sleep on.

If I were to call, then from the river of blood as

Billowed up, coming close by, he would say, "I am Yasin,

Hanif Mahammad Makbul Karim Aziz-And you?" placing a hand upon my chest

Raising up those eyes from his dead face, he

Ask-that blood river welling up would say,"Gagan,


Sasi, of Pathuria Ghata;of Manik Tala, of Syam Bazar, or Galif Street, of Entaly -Who knew from where; they are all men

Life's low classes; ragged shoes on their

They purchase the bug-damaged articles in the market;

Through creation's relentless

All these tiny beings awoke-and in the rays of the afternoon

Suddenly all these atomlike neglected lives of

Luminous world had appeared beautiful in the

Eyes of some of the intellectuals.

The sounds that arise in the stream of the sun's light,

In the titillated bodies of these particles, in the collision of theseparticles,

There time, in the music of its incomparable voice,

Speaks; to whom does it speak?



Suddenly came near and before saying

Spoke at length as if from the interior of a half-fragmented eternity;yet-Eternity is not fragmented; thus that dream, effort,

Have vanished within the unfragmented eternity;

There is no one, nothing-the sun has gone out.

In this age there's much less light everywhere, however.

We have now squeezed out a value from the fabricated

About dignity of thought, determination, mistakes, pain, work, talesof this world's many days and collected

In sentence, word, language, and incomparable style of speech.

Man's language, however, is merely an exercise if it does not

From outside of immediate experience; attributes; a skeleton

Scattered helpless words far distant from knowledge.

Though we've inherited much learning,

The science of this century of ours is merely a crowd

Collected things-which merely grows larger;              However, because it has no heart at all, there is

Meaningtul knowledge in the world today; without knowledge there'sno love.

In this age nowhere is there any light-no gracious

Before the eyes of the travelers; nothing like the mother

Radiated dark night: washing away all faultsof man's overwhelmed body-of man's overwhelmed mind,

Hidden in the solitary darkness, devoid of human

No one is asked any more-answers to

Asked questions arc no longer wanted-simply surrounded bynoiseless,

Deathless darkness, all faults, weariness, fear, mistakes,

Become passionless-this life gradually becomes devoid of sorrow,

A refreshing cool fills the heart; as though at the edges of

Sea, beloved voices of wind come

Into several devadaru trees-that incessant, sure-flowing

Upon the bloody soul of man-man's life is without stain.

Today is there not in this world such a pervasive darkness?

Is there no sweet breeze, no profundity, no purity?

Yet man, as he turns from the blind state of adversity toward soothingdarkness,

From darkness toward the celebration of his new cities and

Where degradation has not set in even today-an area of self-awareness,

Transcending the sources of error and sin in his heart,

Does remain, it seems to me.

Come forward, oh knowledge, humility, unclouded vision, peace,light, love.

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