Naked Lonely Hand Nagna Nirjan Hat

Darkness once again thickens throughout the sky:

This darkness, like light's mysterious sister.

She who has loved me always,

Whose face I have yet to see,

Like that

Is this darkness, deepening, closing in upon a February sky.

A certain vanished city comes to mind,

In my heart wake outlines of some gray palace in that shores of the Indian oceanor the Mediterraneanor the banks of the Sea of Tyre,

Not today, but once there was a city,

And a palace-A palace lavishly furnished:

Persian carpets,

Kashmiri shawls, flawless pearls and coral from watersround Bahrain.

My lost heart, dead eyes, faded dream

And you, woman-All these once filled that world.

There was orange sunlight,

Cockatoos and pigeons,

Dense, shady mahogany foliage.

There was orange sunlight,

Much orange-colored sunlight,

And you were there.

For how many hundreds of centuries I have not seen the beauty of yourface,

Have not searched.

The February darkness brings with it this tale of a seashore,

Sorrowful lines of fantasy domes and arches,

Fragrance of invisible pears,

Countless deer and lion parchments, graying,

Stained glass rainbows rippling over drapes-A fleeting glow

Room through anteroom to further inner room.

Momentary awe and wonder.

Sweat of ruddy sun, smeared on curtains, carpets,

Watermelon wine in red glasses!

Your naked lonely

Your naked lonely hand.

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