Sarojini Naidu

Sarojini Naidu

1,000 карма
United Kingdom (Great Britain)

To A Buddha Seated On A Lotus

HA, on thy Lotus-throne,
With praying eyes and hands elate,
What mystic rapture dost thou own,
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In The Forest

O my heart, let us burn the dear dreams that are dead,
Here in this wood let us fashion a funeral pyre Of fallen white petals and leaves that are mellow and red,
Here let us burn them in noon's flaming torches of fire
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Song Of A Dream

CE in the dream of a night I stood Lone in the light of a magical wood,
Soul-deep in visions that poppy-like sprang;
And spirits of Truth were the birds that sang,
And spirits of Love were the stars that glowed,
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Cradle Song

From groves of spice,
O'er fields of rice,
Athwart the lotus-stream,
I bring for you,
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The Poet To Death

RY a while,
O Death,
I cannot die While yet my sweet life burgeons with its spring;
Fair is my youth, and rich the echoing boughs Where dhadikulas sing
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In The Bazaars of Hyderabad

What do you sell O ye merchants
Richly your wares are displayed
Turbans of crimson and silver,
Tunics of purple brocade,
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The Illusion of Love

Beloved, you may be as all men
Only a transient
Of flickering flame set in loam of clay – I care not …since you kindle all my
With the immortal lustres of the day
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