To My Children


EN sun of victory, born In my life's unclouded morn,

In my lambent sky of love,

May your growing glory prove Sacred to your consecration,

To my heart and to my nation.

Sun of victory, may you be Sun of song and liberty.

Lotus-maiden, you who claim All the sweetness of your name,

Lakshmi, fortune's queen, defend you,

Lotus-born like you, and send you Balmy moons of love to bless you,

Gentle joy-winds to caress you.

Lotus-maiden, may you be Fragrant of all ecstasy.

Little lord of battle, hail In your newly-tempered mail!

Learn to conquer, learn to fight In the foremost flanks of right,

Like Valmiki's heroes bold,

Rubies girt in epic gold.

Lord of battle, may you be,

Lord of love and chivalry.

Limpid jewel of delight Severed from the tender night Of your sheltering mother-mine,

Leap and sparkle, dance and shine,

Blithely and securely set In love's magic coronet.

Living jewel, may you be Laughter-bound and sorrow-free.

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