Du Fu

Du Fu

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Twenty-Two Rhymes To Left-Prime-Minister Wei

Boys in fancy clothes never starve,but Confucian scholars often find their lives in ruin
Please listen to my explanation,
I, your humble student, ask permission to state my case
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By The Lake

The old fellow from Shao-ling weeps with stifled sobs as he walks furtively by the bends of the Sepentine on a day in spring
In the waterside palaces the thousands of doors are locked
For whom have the willows and rushed put on their fre...
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Thinking Of My Brothers On A Moonlit Night

Drums on the watch-tower have emptied the roads -At the frontier it's autumn; a wild-goose cries
This is a night in which dew becomes frost;
The moon is bright like it used to be at home
I have brothers, but they're scattered;
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Overnight At The Riverside Tower

Evening colors linger on mountain paths
Out beyond this study perched over River Gate,
At the cliff's edge, frail clouds
All night
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No Sight

Li Bai, no sight of you for a long time,
It's tragic that you pretend to be insane
The whole world wants to kill you
I alone treasure your talent
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Facing Snow by Du Fu Translated by Stanton Hager

OW  by Du Fu Battle-slaughter musters fresh legions of weeping ghosts;
Old, alone, fretful,
I mutter poems, hum tunes
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On A Prospect Of Tai-shan

How is one to describe this king of mountains
Throught the whole of Ch'i
Lu one never loses sight of its greenness
In it the Creator has concentratedall that is numinous and beautiful
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