AT pulls at my heart so?

What tells me to roam?

What drags me and lures

From chamber and home?

How round the cliffs

The clouds high in air!

I fain would go thither,

I fain would be there!

The sociable

Of the ravens comes back;

I mingle amongst them,

And follow their track.

Round wall and round

Together we fly;

She tarries below there,

I after her spy.

Then onward she wanders,

My flight I wing

To the wood fill'd with bushes,

A bird of sweet tune.

She tarries and hearkens,

And smiling, thinks she:"How sweetly he's singing!

He's singing to me!"The heights are

By the fast setting sun;

The pensive fair

Looks thoughtfully on;

She roams by the streamlet,

O'er meadows she goes,

And darker and

The pathway fast grows.

I rise on a sudden,

A glimmering star;"What glitters above me,

So near and so far?"And when thou with

Hast gazed on the light,

I fall down before thee,

Entranced by thy sight!

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