William Ernest Henley

William Ernest Henley

1,000 карма
United Kingdom (Great Britain)

Beside The Idle Summer Sea

Beside the idle summer sea,
And in the vacant summer days,
Light Love came fluting down the ways,
Where you were loitering with me
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London Types Flower-Girl

There's never a delicate nurseling of the year But our huge London hails it, and delights To wear it on her breast or at her ear,
Her days to colour and make sweet her nights
Crocus and daffodil and violet,
Pink, primrose, valley-li...
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London Types Mounted Police

Army Reserve; a worshipper of Bobs,
With whom he stripped the smock from Candahar;
Neat as his mount, that neatest among cobs;
Whenever pageants pass, or meetings are,
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London Types Beef-Eater

His beat lies knee-high through a dust of story— A dust of terror and torture, grief and crime;
Ghosts that are England's wonder, and shame, and glory Throng where he walks, an antic of old time;
A sense of long immedicable tears Were ev...
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Theres A Regret

There's a
So grinding, so immitigably sad,
Remorse thereby feels tolerant, even glad
…Do you not know it yet
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As with varnish red and
Dripped his hair; his feet looked rigid;
Raised, he settled stiffly sideways:
You could see his hurts were spinal
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'Talk of pluck
' pursued the Sailor,
Set at euchre on his elbow,'I was on the wharf at Charleston,
Just ashore from off the runner
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