John Newton

John Newton

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John Newton (4 August [O.S. 24 July] 1725 – 21 December 1807) was an English Anglican clergyman and abolitionist, also having been Captain of slave ships and investor of trade. He served as a sailor in the Royal Navy for a period after forced recruitment.
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Look Unto Me And Be Ye Saved

As the serpent raised by
Healed the burning serpent's bite;
Jesus thus himself
To the wounded sinner's sight:
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In Evil Long I Took Delight

In evil long I took delight,
Unawed by shame or fear,
Till a new object struck my sight,
And stopped my wild career
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The Bitter Waters

Beside the gospel
Appointed for the poor;
From year to year, my helpless
Has waited for a cure
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the corn again in ear
How the fields and valleys smile
Harvest now is drawing
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The Lord, our salvation and light,
The guide of our strength and our days,
Has brought us together to-night,
A new Ebenezer to raise:
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Quiet Lord My Froward Heart

Lord, my froward heart,
Make me teachable and mild;
Upright, simple, free from art,
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On Dreaming

When slumber seals our weary eyes,
The busy fancy wakeful keeps;
The scenes which then before us rise,
Prove something in us never sleeps
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Men Honoured Above Angels

Now let us join with hearts and tongues,
And emulate the angels' songs;
Yea, sinners may address their King In songs that angels cannot sing
They praise the Lamb who once was slain;
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The Beggar

Encouraged by thy
Of promise to the poor;
Behold, a beggar,
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How Lost Was My Condition

How lost was my
Till Jesus made me whole
There is but one
Can cure a sin-sick
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The Meal And Cruse Of Oil

By the poor widow's oil and
Elijah was sustained;
Though small the stock it lasted well,
For God the store maintained
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The World

See, the world for youth prepares,
Harlot-like, her gaudy snares
Pleasures round her seem to wait,
But 'tis all a painted cheat
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Thus saith the Lord to Ephesus,
And thus he speaks to some of us;
Amidst my churches, lo,
I stand,
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When Joshua, by God's command,
Invaded Canaan's guilty land;
Gibeon, unlike the nations round,
Submission made and mercy found
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Trust Of The Wicked And The Righteous Compared

As parched in the barren
Beneath a burning sky,
The worthless bramble with'ring stands,
And only grows to die
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Peter Walking Upon The Water

A Word from Jesus calms the sea,
The stormy wind controls;
And gives repose and
To tempest-tossed souls
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