Pat O Cotter

Pat O Cotter

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United Kingdom (Great Britain)

Us For Sam

While all Europe is a shambles  And the whole world is at war,
And half the land the sun shines on  Is drenched in human gore;
When every Nation counts the men  It knows are tried and
We send this message to you,
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How Long

As long as lure o' placer gold Brings North the best ye breed,
As long as tales of camps and trails Are planted with your seed,
As long as red blood courses thru And warms adventure's sons,
They'll sally forth, bound for the North, ...
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The New Master

As one who lays aside a task, where one has ruled alone,
I lay aside the crown of hell, and give to you my throne;
As one who feels his race is run, whose day is of the past,
I recognize your genius, and abdicate at last
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The dream of the white man ever goes out To the fight that can never be won,
And ever he plans to do the things That they say can never be done
It's seldom he values the things that are, What he craves he never may gain,
But ever he...
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Some sigh for the breath of the desert Where the stifling heat waves blow;
Some pant for the trackless tundra And the sting of the cold and snow;
Some long for the wash of a sultry sea As it breaks on a tropic shore;
Some pine for t...
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A Woman A Dog And A Walnut Tree

This Land is the orphan kiddie Of the group with their stars in the Flag,
And it's looked on Outside as an alien, Where its treatment makes honest men gag
It's treated the same as the harlot Who barters her body for
And carries it h...
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Looking for placer pangar, Loafing about in the hills,
Getting your grub with a rifle, Taking your drink from rills
Getting your bed from the spruce tree, Taking your course by your dreams,
Just camping alone in the mountains, Siwas...
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