James Weldon Johnson

James Weldon Johnson

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United Kingdom (Great Britain)

The Color Sergeant

(On an Incident at the Battle of San Juan Hill)Under a burning tropic sun,
With comrades around him lying,
A trooper of the sable
Lay wounded, bleeding, dying
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The hand of Fate cannot be stayed, The course of Fate cannot be steered, By all the gods that man has made, Nor all the devils he has feared, Not by the prayers that might be prayed In all the temples he has reared
In your very midst...
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July In Georgy

I'm back down in ole Georgy w'ere de sun is shinin' hot,
W'ere de cawn it is a-tasslin', gittin' ready fu' de pot;
W'ere de cott'n is a-openin' an' a-w'itenin' in de sun,
An' de ripenin' o' de sugah-cane is mighty nigh begun
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Dat Gal o Mine

Skin as black an' jes as sof' as a velvet dress,
Teeth as white as ivory —well dey is I guess
Eyes dat's jes as big an' bright as de evenin' star;
An' dat hol' some sort o' light lublier by far
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The Awakening

I dreamed that I was a
That grew beside a lonely way,
Close by a path none ever chose,
And there I lingered day by day
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O Black And Unknown Bards

O black and unknown bards of long ago,
How came your lips to touch the sacred fire
How, in your darkness, did you come to
The power and beauty of the minstrel's lyre
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From The Spanish

Twenty years go by on noiseless feet,    He returns, and once again they meet,    She exclaims, "Good heavens
and is that he
"    He mutters, "My God
and that is she
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