Claustrophobic, in confined room,

There’s no escape, that’s the new norm.

Feeling of fated, horrified doom

The mind shifts, ready to transform.

Where’s this? An unfamiliar beach?

The visions are not what they seem…

Insanity? Mind fortress breach?

Deep breath, eyes closed – it’s just a dream.

Time to get up - same room, but glimmers

Large mirror, size of a small door.

A silhouette, it slightly shimmers.

A sudden, yet familiar roar.

“Unsatisfied urge to travel?

Adventurer, hear my call.

Vast plains, and mountains to unravel,

No masters there, and no control.”

“Don’t give way to numb suffocation,

Continue fight to prove your worth.”

Dream state enabled, meditation

Enables to continue forth.

Control regained, a door appears,

World of subconsciousness ahead.

Smiling in face of deepest fears

Odyssey starts without a dread.

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