Passion & burnout.


Listen to a tale of glory,

About passion & burnout.

My dear reader, don’t feel sorry.

Do what you must, or just get out.

A hero of the modern times

Fighting unfairness & lies.

Then he got stuck, the system fails.

The default status quo prevails.

The allies slumber, they can’t help.

The battle suit & blade corrupt.

The battlecry is just a yelp.

The fund for passion is bankrupt.

Doing the right thing doesn’t count.

The dark side calls, it lures with power.

With lots of riches, have no doubt.

What’s the right choice in this dark hour?

Does darkness make you feel disgust?

Abandon those who you can’t trust.

Give way for smarts but also morals.

Or otherwise, what’s worth these laurels?

Work twice as hard, feel twice the pain.

This path was chosen in disdain.

You’re neither weak nor you are strong.

It’s simply where you do belong.

The journey’s only one year old.

Is this the longest you can hold?

Seek second wind, refuel passion.

Come back & fix this huge transgression.

Or, wait. Why don’t do a plot twist?

Get to the bottom of the gist.

Reality’s not black & white,

Change scenery, but keep the fight.

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