How Long

As long as lure o' placer gold  Brings North the best ye breed,

As long as tales of camps and trails  Are planted with your seed,

As long as red blood courses thru  And warms adventure's sons,

They'll sally forth, bound for the North,  Misfortune's chosen ones.

As long as snow slides claim their toll  And glaciers split and rend,

And sweepers turn the flimsy craft  And trails come to an end;

As long as flashing Northern Lights  Flame in the Arctic sky,

Your boldest ones, your bravest sons  Come North to win or die.

As long as lust of wealth obtains  And gold will buy all things,

And bank accounts but mark the line  'Twixt shovel stiffs and kings;

As long as fancy rides free reined  And distant fields seem fair,

They'll seek the ship and make the trip  To the land of Do and Dare.

As long as birds mate in the spring  And moose run in the fall,

And widows win the college youth  And hold his heart in thrall;

As long as chance for fortune's smile  Can be centered in one throw,

This is the truth, the Nation's youth  Will hear the call and go.

As long as water runs down hill  And smoke goes up from fire;

As long as pleasure precedes pain  And women love for hire;

As long as Klondike widows  Trail thru Outside

Some one must stick on the lonesome creek  For there's ever the "him" that pays.

As long as "huskies" curse the moon  And creeks remain unnamed;

As long as quicksands mask the bar  And there's placer ground unclaimed;

As long as "pay" is found and staked  By some deep-sea-going Swede,

That gypsy trace that marks our race  Will out, then we stampede.

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