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That 30 US On The Wall

A man that's spent years knocking round "out in front"  Has most usually had lots of pals--He's mixed up with pardners at various times  And he's had his affairs with the gals.

Now, a pardner's peculiar in lots of his ways  And he'll ditch you for various reasons,

And a gal never knows straight up from twice  And her mind seems to change with the seasons.

I've been in on good ground with pardners I've staked  And I thought they were square, till I

They were trying to cross me, the miserable pups,  And whipsaw me out of my ground.

I've had a few pards that would stand the hard grind  And they'd stick through hard luck night and day;

They were all you could ask while you rustled for grub,  But they blew up when you uncovered the "pay."Way back in the "eighties" when I'm just a kid,  I crossed up with a breed gal I'd

One winter at Circle; she cleaned me that year  And skipped out with all she could get.

I've fallen for females in half of the camps  That's spread over this country up here,

But "square guys" or "pretzels" I couldn't get by  And none of them stuck for a year.

I got kind of discouraged and quit the she sex  And figgered I'd just herd with males,

But it don't make no difference,

I guess that I'm wrong, 'Cause there's always the parting of trails.

I've had lots of dogs, but a dog always dies,  Or else the poor devil gets killed.

When you like 'em and lose 'em, their loss leaves a hole  That seems for a time can't be filled.

So pardners and females and dogs is taboo  And I know, 'cause I've fussed with 'em all.

There's only one pal that I know is true blue  And it's that Thirty U.

S. on the wall.

She's stood by my shoulder and stopped a brown bear  And she keeps the cache full in the Fall;

She's got the one talk that a claim jumper knows  And she craves no attention at all.

I'm getting old now, and some sot in my ways,  And I don't loosen up like I did.

I'm slower to make friends and slower to trust  Than I used to be when I'm a kid.

So it's good-by to females and good-by to dogs,  And good-by to pardners and all,

For the only one pal that I find I can trust  Is that Thirty U.

S. on the wall.


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