Katharine Lee Bates

Katharine Lee Bates

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GH the winds but stir on their hoary
Of hemlock and pungent pine,
All the whispering woodland
Gossip of things divine, —Why God is gray in the granite rock,
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When Lincoln Died

A five-year old in a Cape Cod village, twenty miles from the rail,
Falmouth, loveliest Falmouth,
Wearing her silvery, pearl-embroidered ocean mist for a veil;
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Fodder For Cannon

Bodies glad, erect,
Beautiful with youth,
Life's elect,
Nature's truth,
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The Morning Paper

Humanity disgraced
Time's dearest toil effaced
Poison gases and
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At the crowded gangway they kissed good-bye
He had half a mind to scold her
An officer's mother and not keep dry The epaulet on his shoulder
He had forgotten mother and fame,
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Starlight At Sea

ER the murmurous choral of dim
The constellations glow against the
Ethereal dusk, —forever fair, aloft,
Serene, while man climbs painfully from
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Yellow Warblers

The first faint dawn was flushing up the
When, dreamland still bewildering mine eyes,
I looked out to the oak that, winter-long,— a winter wild with war and woe and wrong —Beyond my casement had been void of song
And lo
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In A Northern Wood

NT are the cedar-boughs stretching green and level,
Feasting-halls where waxwings flit at their spicy revel,
But O the pine, the questing pine, that flings its arms on
To search the secret of the sun and escalade the sky
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To Our President

PE of the Nations, lift thy stricken heart
Thyself art Sorrow, and to thee the
Of battle-anguish comes more
Than even in those months of sneer and smart,
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The Least Of These

HE wolf of want is
At doors no angel keeps
Young Mary smiled on her Holy Child,
But many a mother weeps
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