Algernon Charles Swinburne

Algernon Charles Swinburne

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Algernon Charles Swinburne (5 April 1837 – 10 April 1909) was an English poet, playwright, novelist, and critic. He wrote several novels and collections of poetry such as Poems and Ballads, and contributed to the famous Eleventh Edition of the Encyclopædia Britannica.
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The Death Of Richard Wagner

Mourning on earth, as when dark hours descend,
Wide-winged with plagues, from heaven; when hope and
Wane, and no lips rebuke or reprehend   Mourning on earth
The soul wherein her songs of death and birth,
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Quia Multum Amavit

Am I not he that hath made thee and begotten thee, I,
God, the spirit of man
Wherefore now these eighteen years hast thou forgotten me, From whom thy life began
Thy life-blood and thy life-breath and thy beauty, Thy might of hands a...
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Time And Life

Time, thy name is sorrow, says the
Heart of life, laid waste with wasting
Ere the change of things and thoughts requicken,   Time, thy name
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Mentana First Anniversary

At the time when the stars are grey,   And the gold of the molten
Fades, and the twilight is thinned,
And the sun leaps up, and the wind,
A light rose, not of the day,   A stronger light than of noon
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Prelude - Lohengrin

Love, out of the depth of things,
As a dewfall felt from above,
From the heaven whence only springs   Love,
Love, heard from the heights thereof,
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The Eve Of Revolution

The trumpets of the four winds of the world From the ends of the earth blow battle; the night heaves,
With breasts palpitating and wings refurled, With passion of couched limbs, as one who
Sleeping, and in her sleep she sees uncurled Dre...
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From the depth of the dreamy decline of the dawn through a notable nimbus of nebulous noonshine,
Pallid and pink as the palm of the flag-flower that flickers with fear of the flies as they float,
Are they looks of our lovers that lustrou...
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Birth And Death

Birth and death, twin-sister and twin-brother,
Night and day, on all things that draw breath,
Reign, while time keeps friends with one another   Birth and death
Each brow-bound with flowers diverse of wreath,
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The Oblation

Ask nothing more of me, sweet; All I can give you I give
Heart of my heart, were it more,
More would be laid at your feet: Love that should help you to live, Song that should spur you to soar
All things were nothing to give Once to ...
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The Garden of Prosperine

Here, where the world is quiet,
Here, where all trouble
Dead winds' and spent waves'
In doubtful dreams of dreams;
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But now life's face beholden   Seemed bright as heaven's bare
With hope of gifts withholden   But now
From time's full-flowering
Each bud spake bloom to embolden   Love's heart, and seal his vow
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Between the green bud and the
Youth sat and sang by Time, and shed From eyes and tresses flowers and tears, From heart and spirit hopes and fears,
Upon the hollow stream whose bed Is channelled by the foamless years;
And with the wh...
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Death And Birth

Death and birth should dwell not near together:
Wealth keeps house not, even for shame, with dearth:
Fate doth ill to link in one brief tether   Death and birth
Harsh the yoke that binds them, strange the
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Love Lies Bleeding

Love lies bleeding in the bed
Roses lean with smiling mouths or pleading:
Earth lies laughing where the sun's dart clove her:   Love lies bleeding
Stately shine his purple plumes,
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Wasted Love

What shall be done for sorrow   With love whose race is run
Where help is none to borrow,   What shall be done
In vain his hands have spun   The web, or drawn the furrow:
No rest their toil hath won
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A Ballad Of Burdens

The burden of fair women
Vain delight, And love self-slain in some sweet shameful way, And sorrowful old age that comes by night As a thief comes that has no heart by day, And change that finds fair cheeks and leaves them grey, And weariness ...
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