A B Banjo Paterson

A B Banjo Paterson

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Book Contents The Animals Noah ForgotBanjo Paterson

‘The Animals Noah Forgot’ A
'Banjo' Paterson A wonderful look at some of the strange, wonderful animals in Australia - images attached where possible
The big white English swan, escaped from captivity, found himself swimming in an...
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The Last Parade

With never a sound of trumpet,
With never a flag displayed,
The last of the old
Lined up for the last parade
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Clancy of the Overflow

I had written him a letter which I had, for want of
Knowledge, sent to where I met him down the Lachlan, years ago,
He was shearing when I knew him, so I sent the letter to him,
Just "on spec", addressed as follows, "...
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Flying Squirrels

On the rugged water
At the top of the bridle
Where years ago, as the old men say,
The splitters went with a bullock
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Santa Claus

Who goes there
” The sentry’s
Rose on the midnight
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Weary Will

The strongest creature for his
But least equipped for
That dwells beneath Australian
Is Weary Will the Wombat
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Opening of the Railway Line

The opening of the railway line… The Governor and all,
With flags and banners down the street,
A banquet and a ball,
Hark to them at the station now
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