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Sonnet XLVI Let others sing of knights and paladines

VI     Let others sing of knights and paladines    In aged accents and untimely words;    Paint shadows in imaginary lines    Which well the reach of their high wits records:    But I must sing of thee, and those fair eyes    Authentic shall my verse in time to come,    When yet th' unborn shall say, "Lo where she lies    Whose beauty made him speak that else was dumb."    These are the arks, the trophies I erect,   That fortify thy name against old age;   And these thy sacred virtues must protect   Against the dark, and time's consuming rage.   Though th' error of my youth they shall discover,   Suffice they show I liv'd and was thy lover.

Form: sonnet: ababcdcdefefgg 2. untimely words: words no longer used. 6.

Authentic: authenticate. 9. arks: shrines.


Samuel Daniel

Samuel Daniel (1562 – 14 October 1619) was an English poet and historian. His work and particularly the format he adopted for sonnets, was refer…

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