Samuel Daniel

Samuel Daniel

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Samuel Daniel (1562 – 14 October 1619) was an English poet and historian. His work and particularly the format he adopted for sonnets, was referred to and emulated by later writers.
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Sonnet III If So It Hap

If so it hap this offspring of my care,
These fatal Anthems, sad and mournful Songs,
Come to their view, who like afflicted are;
Let them yet sigh their own, and moan my wrongs
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Sonnet VI Fair Is My Love

Fair is my love, and cruel as she's fair;
Her brow shades frowns, although her eyes are sunny;
Her smiles are lightning, though her pride despair;
And her disdains are gall, her favors honey
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Sonnet LV Let Others Sing

Let others sing of Knights and Paladins In aged accents and untimely words,
Paint shadows in imaginary lines Which well the reach of their high wits records;
But I must sing of thee and those fair eyes;
Authentic shall my verse in t...
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Sonnet XXVIII Reign In My Thoughts

Reign in my thoughts, fair hand, sweet eye, rare voice:
Possess me whole, my heart's triumvirate;
Yet heavy heart to make so hard a choice,
Of such as spoil thy poor afflicted stated
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Sonnet LX Lo Here the Impost

Lo, here the impost of a faith unfeigning That love hath paid, and her disdain extorted,
Behold the message of my just complaining That shows the world how much my grief imported
These tributary plaints fraught with desire,
I send t...
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Sonnet XIX Restore Thy Tresses

Restore thy tresses to the golden ore,
Yield Citherea's son those arcs of love,
Bequeath the heav'ns the stars that I adore,
And to th'Orient do thy pearls remove
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Sonnet IV These Plaintive Verses

These plaintive verses, the Posts of my desire,
Which haste for succour to her slow regard:
Bear not report of any slender fire,
Forging a grief to win a fame's reward
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Sonnet IX If This Be Love

If this be love, to draw a weary breath,
Paint on floods, till the shore, cry to th'air,
With downward looks still reading on the earth,
The sad memorials of my love's despair
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Sonnet XXII Come Time

Come Time, the anchor-hold of my desire,
My last resort whereto my hopes appeal,
Cause once the date of her disdain t'expire;
Make her the sentence of her wrath repeal
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Sonnet XXVI Look In My Griefs

Look in my griefs, and blame me not to mourn,
From care to care that leads a life so bad;
Th'orphan of fortune, born to be her scorn,
Whose clouded brow doth make my days so sad
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Sonnet XI Tears Vows and Prayers

Tears, vows, and prayers win the hardest heart:
Tears, vows, and prayers have I spent in vain;
Tears cannot soften flint, nor vows convert;
Prayers prevail not with a quaint disdain
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Sonnet XL But Love

But love whilst that thou mayst be lov'd again,
Now whilst thy May hath fill'd thy lap with flowers;
Now, whilst thy beauty bears without a stain,
Now use thy Summer smiles ere Winter lours
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Sonnet V Whilst Youth and Error

Whilst youth and error led my wand'ring mind And set my thoughts in heedless ways to range,
All unawares a goddes chaste I find,
Diana-like, to work my sudden change
For her no sooner had my view bewray'd,
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Sonnet XLVI Let others sing of knights and paladines

VI Let others sing of knights and paladines In aged accents and untimely words; Paint shadows in imaginary lines Which well the reach of their high wits records: But I must sing of thee, and those fair eyes Authentic shall my verse in time to come...
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Sonnet XXXVII O Why Doth Delia

O why doth Delia credit so her glass,
Gazing her beauty deign'd her by the skies,
And doth not rather look on him (alas) Whose state best shows the force of murd'ring eyes
The broken tops of lofty trees declare The fury of a mercy-w...
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Sonnet XIV Those Amber Locks

Those amber locks are those same nets, my dear,
Wherewith my liberty thou didst surprise;
Love was the flame that fired me so near;
The dart transpiercing were those crystal eyes
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