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Childhood - степанеева, поэтесса

Every summer my enchanted mind
Takes me back to when I was a child.
And reminds me of those happy days
When all cats and dogs were my best friends.

Every tree in our neighborhood
Was a castle made of green and wood.
But we had the only magic one
With an old and heavy slanted trunk.

Sitting there, on a stable branch
I could feel how nature softly touched
Every string of childish pure soul...
Feelings, that I never could control -

Love for freedom, universe and life...
Then, I guess, my age was only five.
Although since that time I've changed my friends,
But inside me childhood never ends.

You can judge me, cause I'm twenty eight,
But I have an argument to that:
Life was so much easier, my honey
When the leaves from trees replaced me money...

2017 г.

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