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Sonnet 18 With What Sharp Checks

With what sharp checks I in myself am shent,

When into Reason's audit I do go:

And by just counts myself a bankrupt know Of all the goods, which heav'n to me hath lent:

Unable quite to pay even Nature's rent,

Which unto it by birthright I do owe:

And, which is worse, no good excuse can show,

But that my wealth I have most idly spend.

My youth doth waste, my knowledge brings forth toys,

My wit doth strive those passions to defend,

Which for reward spoil it with vain annoys.

I see my course to lose myself doth bend:

I see and yet no greater sorrow take,

Than that I lose no more for Stella's sake.


Sir Philip Sidney

Sir Philip Sidney (30 November 1554 – 17 October 1586) was an English poet, courtier, scholar and soldier who is remembered as one of the most p…

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