Sir Philip Sidney

Sir Philip Sidney

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United Kingdom (Great Britain)

Psalm 139

O Lord in me there lieth nought But to thy search revealed lies; For when I sit Thou markest it: Nor less thou notest when I rise:
Yea, closest closet of my thought Hath open windows to thine eyes
Thou walkest with me when I walk; When t...
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Sonnet 14 Alas Have I Not

Alas, have I not pain enough, my friend,
Upon whose breast a fiercer gripe doth tire,
Than did on him who first stole down the fire,
While Love on me doth all his quiver spend,
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Sonnet 18 With What Sharp Checks

With what sharp checks I in myself am shent,
When into Reason's audit I do go:
And by just counts myself a bankrupt know Of all the goods, which heav'n to me hath lent:
Unable quite to pay even Nature's rent,
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Sonnet 25 The Wisest Scholar

The wisest scholar of the wight most wise By Phoebus' doom, with sugar'd sentence says,
That Virtue, if it once met with our eyes,
Strange flames of love it in our souls would raise;
But for that man with pain his truth descries,
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Sonnet 23 The Curious Wits

The curious wits seeing dull pensiveness Bewray itself in my long settled eyes,
Whence those same fumes of melancholy rise,
With idle pains, and missing aim, do guess
Some that know how my spring I did address,
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Sonnet 92 Be Your Words Made

Be your words made, good sir, of Indian ware, That you allow me them by so small rate
Or do you cutted Spartans imitate
Or do you mean my tender ears to spare, That to my questions you so total are
When I demand of Phœnix Stella's s...
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Sonnet 54 Because I Breathe

Because I breathe not love to every one,
Nor do not use set colours for to wear,
Nor nourish special locks of vowed hair,
Nor give each speech a full point of a groan,
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