Sidney Lanier

Sidney Lanier

1,000 карма
United Kingdom (Great Britain)

The Wedding

O marriage-bells, your clamor tells Two weddings in one breath
HE marries whom her love compels: — And I wed Goodman Death
My brain is blank, my tears are red;
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Laughter In The Senate

In the South lies a lonesome, hungry Land;
He huddles his rags with a cripple's hand;
He mutters, prone on the barren sand,    What time his heart is breaking
He lifts his bare head from the ground;
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Psalm Of The West

Land of the willful gospel, thou worst and thou best;
Tall Adam of lands, new-made of the dust of the West;
Thou wroughtest alone in the Garden of God,
Till He fashioned lithe Freedom to lie for thine Eve on thy breast — Till out of...
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Night And Day

The innocent, sweet Day is dead
Dark Night hath slain her in her bed
Moors are as fierce to kill as to wed
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June Dreams In January

"So pulse, and pulse, thou rhythmic-hearted Noon That liest, large-limbed, curved along the hills,
In languid palpitation, half a-swoon With ardors and sun-loves and subtle thrills;"Throb,
while the fervent hours...
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Joness Private Argyment

That air same Jones, which lived in Jones,  He had this pint about him:
He'd swear with a hundred sighs and groans,
That farmers
ST stop gittin' loans,  And git along without 'em:
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My soul is like the oar that momently Dies in a desperate stress beneath the wave,
Then glitters out again and sweeps the sea:
Each second I'm new-born from some new grave
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