Samuel Johnson

Samuel Johnson

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United Kingdom (Great Britain)

Part of the Dialogue Between Hector and Andromache

She ceas'd; then godlike Hector answer'd kind - (His various plumage sporting in the wind)"That post and all the rest shall be my care;
But shall I then forsake the unfinish'd war
How would the Trojans brand great Hector's name
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To Mrs Thrale on Her Completing Her Thirty-fifth Year

Oft in danger, yet alive,
We are come to thirty-five;
Long may better years arrive,
Better years than thirty-five
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Translation of a Speech of Aquileio in the Adriano of Metastasio

Grown old in courts, thou art not surely
Who keeps the rigid rules of ancient honour;
Well skill'd to soothe a foe with looks of kindness,
To sink the fatal precipice before him,
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London - in Imitation of the Third Satire of Juvenal

Tam patiens urbis, tam ferreus ut teneat se
' ~ Juv
Though grief and fondness in my breast rebel,
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The City of God

TY of God, how broad and far Outspread thy walls sublime
The true thy chartered freemen are, Of every age and clime
One holy Church, one army strong, One steadfast high intent,
One working band, one harvest-song, One King Omnipotent...
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Stella In Mourning

When lately Stella's form
The beauties of the gay brocade,
The nymphs, who found their power decline,
Proclaim'd her not so fair as fine
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O Phoebus
down the western sky,
Far hence diffuse thy burning ray,
Thy light to distant worlds supply,
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