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Nissim Ezekiel

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There is a place to which I often go,
Not by planning to, but by a
Away from all existence, to a
Lucidity, whose will is uncontrolled
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Minority Poem

In my room,
I talk to my invisible guests: they do not argue, but wait Till I am exhausted, then they slip away with inscrutable faces
I lack the means to change their amiable ways, although I love their gods
It's the language reall...
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The Professor

Remember me
I am Professor Sheth
Once I taught you geography
NowI am retired, though my health is good
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The Patriot

I am standing for peace and non-violence
Why world is fighting
Why all people of
Are not following Mahatma Gandhi,
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The Hill

This normative hilllike all othersis transparently accessible,out thereand in the mind,not to be missedexcept in peril of one's life
Do not muse on itfrom a distance:it's not remotefor the view only,it's for the sportof climbing
What the...
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Jewish Wedding in Bombay

Her mother shed a tear or two but wasn't reallycrying
It was the thing to do, so she did itenjoying every moment
The bride laughed when Isympathized, and said don't be silly
Her brothrs had a shoe of mine and made me payto get it back
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Poet Lover Birdwatcher

To force the pace and never to be
Is not the way of those who study
Or women
The best poets wait for words
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Night of the Scorpion

I remember the night my motherwas stung by a scorpion
Ten hoursof steady rain had driven himto crawl beneath a sack of rice
Parting with his poison - flashof diabolic tail in the dark room -he risked the rain again
The peasants came...
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