Lord Alfred Douglas

Lord Alfred Douglas

1,000 карма
United Kingdom (Great Britain)

Jonquil And Fleur-de-lys

Jonquil was a shepherd lad,
White he was as the curded cream,
Hair like the buttercups he had,
And wet green eyes like a full chalk
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The Garden Of Death

There is an isle in an unfurrowed
That I wot of, whereon the whole year
The apple-blossoms and the rosebuds
In early blooming ; and a many
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To Sleep

Sleep, to me thou com'st not in the
Of one who brings good gifts to weary men,
Balm for bruised hearts and fancies
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Night Coming Into A Garden

Roses red and white,
Every rose is hanging her head,
Silently comes the lady Night,
Only the flowers can hear her tread
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Plainte Eternelle

The sun sinks down, the tremulous daylight dies
(Down their long shafts the weary sunbeams glide
)The white-winged ships drift with the falling tide,
Come back, my love, with pity in your eyes
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To L —

Thou that wast once my loved and loving friend,
A friend no more,
I had forgot thee quite,
Why hast thou come to trouble my
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Le Balcon

Mere des souvenirs, mattresses des
Mother of Memories
O mistress-queen
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