Jessie Pope

Jessie Pope

1,000 карма
United Kingdom (Great Britain)

To A Taube

VE the valley, rich and fair,
On flashing pinions, glittering, gay,
You hover in the upper air,
A bird of prey
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By bridge and battery, town and trench,
They're fighting with bull-dog pluck;
Not one, from Tommy to General French,
Is down upon his luck
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Shining pins that dart and
In the fireside’s sheltered
Check the thoughts the cluster thick  - 20 plain and then decrease
He was brave – well, so was I –Keen and merry, but his
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The Call of the Congo

I go as a rule At the coming of Yule,
To a place where the sunshine's obtrusive ;
At Hydros I'm found,
Where dyspeptics abound,
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The Knitting Song

Sailor lad, on the sodden ground, Sailor lad on the seas,
Can't you hear a little clicketty sound Stealing across on the breeze
It's the knitting-needles singing their song As they twine the khaki or blue,
Thousands and thousands an...
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To the Clerk of the Weather

VE Dear Sir, we've had enough
Do you forget,
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Marching To Germany

NG along together, lads ; we'll have a little song,
Kits won't be so heavy and the way won't be so long
We're goin' to cook " the Sossiges," to cook 'em hot and strong While we go marching to Germany
Chorus Hurrah, hurrah,...
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