Love in a Mist

[The most noteworthy characteristic of a wet summer is the number of proposals made in the rain.] Beneath an Ilfracombe machine,

While thunderstorms were raging,

Strephon and Chloe found the scene Exceedingly engaging;

Though Mother Earth reproached the skies With flinging pailfuls at her,

When Strephon looked in Chloe's eyes The weather didn't matter.

When 'Arry up on 'Ampstead 'Eath Performed a double shuffle,

The rain above, the mud beneath,

His spirits failed to ruffle;

For 'Arriet was by his side In maddened mazes whirling And little cared his promised bride To see her plumes uncurling.

For one resplendent Summer morn Young Edwin fondly waited,

Till Angelina grew forlorn And quite emaciated.

When Hampton Court was like a sponge,

With mists their way beguiling,

He seized her hand and took the plunge,

And came up wet and smiling.

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