In Control

All cells in my body

Are screaming in pain.

Addicted to pleasures

I cannot explain.

It's good I have no one to call.

I'm in control.

Extremely sensitive,

Not very glad.

When something is touching me,

I'm getting mad,

But if you won't leave me alone,

I'm still in control.

I used to be funny,

I used to be nice

Until this society

Gave me advice.

"Quit being so childish".

"Be tricky as hell".

And now you can see,

That I am who I am,

But I wanna manage it all.

I'm in control.

My pleasures forbidden,

I keep them inside

My heart pounds savagely!

Painfully wrong!

But I won't commit suicide.

I'm in control.

I'm suffering badly,

All senses are sharp.

I'm feeling the path

Of each drop of my blood.

I'm feeling my skin

Touching clothes and air.

I'm putting an effort

To make an inhale.

But I'm gonna manage it all.

I'm in control.

I'm losing my mind

Don't mind if I bite

It feels so unreal,

That now I can feel

The pulse of my vessels,

The beat of my heart,

This feeling is sharp,

This feeling is sharp!

I'm going all crazy.

I'm dancing in street.

I'm wearing magnificent

Dark outfit.

I'm surely not playing a role

I'm in control.

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