Wilfred Owen

Wilfred Owen

1,000 карма
United Kingdom (Great Britain)


What d'you mean by this
' I rapped
'You dare come on parade like this
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Arms And The Boy

Let the boy try along this bayonet-blade How cold steel is, and keen with hunger of blood;
Blue with all malice, like a madman's flash;
And thinly drawn with famishing for flesh
Lend him to stroke these blind, blunt bullet-heads Whi...
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The End

After the blast of lightning from the east,
The flourish of loud clouds, the Chariot throne,
After the drums of time have rolled and
And from the bronze west long retreat is blown,
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Greater Love

Red lips are not so red As the stained stones kissed by the English dead
Kindness of wooed and wooer Seems shame to their love pure
O Love, your eyes lose lure When I behold eyes blinded in my stead
Your slender attitude Trembles no...
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There was a whispering in my hearth,
A sigh of the coal
Grown wistful of a former
It might recall
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I know The Music unfinished

All sounds have been as music to my listening:
Pacific lamentations of slow bells,
The crunch of boots on blue snow rosy-glistening,
Shuffle of autumn leaves; and all farewells:
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Apologia Pro Poemate Meo

I, too, saw God through mud— The mud that cracked on cheeks when wretches smiled
War brought more glory to their eyes than blood,
And gave their laughs more glee than shakes a child
Merry it was to laugh there— Where death becomes a...
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