Sir Henry Newbolt

Sir Henry Newbolt

1,000 карма
United Kingdom (Great Britain)

Rondel - II

(from the French of Wenceslas,
Duke of Brabant and Luxembourg, who died in 1384
)Long ago to thee I
Body, soul, and all I have---  Nothing in the world I keep:
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The Grenadiers Good-Bye

"When Lieutenant Murray fell, the only words he spoke were,'Forward,
'"---Press Telegram
Here they halted, here once more  Hand from hand was rent;
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The Volunteer

He leap to arms unbidden,
Unneeded, over-bold;
His face by earth is hidden,
His heart in earth is cold
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Hope The Hornblower

"Hark ye, hark to the winding horn;
Sluggards, awake, and front the morn
Hark ye, hark to the winding horn;  The sun's on meadow and mill
Follow me, hearts that love the chase;
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(Old French)Memories long in music sleeping, No more sleeping, No more dumb;
Delicate phantoms softly creeping Softly back from the old-world come
Faintest odours around them straying, Suddenly straying In chambers dim;
Whispering s...
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In July

His beauty bore no token, No sign our gladness shook;
With tender strength unbroken The hand of Life he took:
But the summer flowers were falling, Falling and fading away,
And mother birds were calling, Crying and calling For their ...
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(A Lady of Tender Age)Ladies, where were your bright eyes glancing, Where were they glancing yester-night
Saw ye Imogen dancing, dancing, Imogen dancing all in white
Laughed she not with a pure delight, Laughed she not with a joy serene,...
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