Phillis Wheatley

Phillis Wheatley

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United Kingdom (Great Britain)

To His Honour the Lieutenant-Governor

All-Conquering Death
by thy resistless pow'r,
Hope's tow'ring plumage falls to rise no more
Of scenes terrestrial how the glories fly,
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On The Death Of Dr Samuel Marshall

Thro' thickest glooms look back, immortal shade,
On that confusion which thy death has made:
Or from Olympus' height look down, and seeA Town involv'd in grief bereft of thee
Thy Lucy sees thee mingle with the dead,
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To the University of Cambridge

While an intrinsic ardor prompts to write,
The muses promise to assist my pen;'Twas not long since I left my native
The land of errors, and Egyptian gloom:
Father of mercy, 'twas thy gracious
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To a Lady on Her Remarkable Preservation

Though thou did'st hear the tempest from afar,
And felt'st the horrors of the wat'ry war,
To me unknown, yet on this peaceful
Methinks I hear the storm tumultuous roar,
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On the Death of JC an Infant

No more the flow'ry scenes of pleasure rife,
Nor charming prospects greet the mental eyes,
No more with joy we view that lovely
Smiling, disportive, flush'd with ev'ry grace
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To the Kings Most Excellent Majesty 1768

Your subjects hope, dread Sire—The crown upon your brows may flourish long,
And that your arm may in your God be strong
O may your sceptre num'rous nations sway,
And all with love and readiness obey
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To the Right Honourable William Earl of Dartmouth

Hail, happy day, when, smiling like the morn,
Fair Freedom rose New-England to adorn:
The northern clime beneath her genial ray,
Dartmouth, congratulates thy blissful sway:
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