Marriott Edgar

Marriott Edgar

1,000 карма
United Kingdom (Great Britain)

Joe Ramsbottom

Joe Ramshottom rented a bit of a farm From its owner,
Squire Goslett his name;
And the Gosletts came over with William the First,
And found Ramsbottoms here when they came
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The Ole In The Ark

One evening at dusk as Noah stood on his Ark,
Putting green oil in starboard side lamp,
His wife came along and said, 'Noah, summat's wrong,
Our cabin is getting quite damp
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The Battle Of Hastings

I'll tell of the Battle of Hastings,
As happened in days long gone by,
When Duke William became King of England,
And 'Arold got shot in the eye
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Sams Racehorse

When Sam Small retired from the Army He'd a pension of ninepence a day,
And seven pounds fourteen and twopence He'd saved from his rations and pay
He knew this 'ere wasn't a fortune,
But reckoned with prudence and
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Three HaPence A Foot

I'll tell you an old-fashioned story That Grandfather used to relate,
Of a joiner and building contractor; 'Is name, it were Sam Oglethwaite
In a shop on the banks of the Irwell,
Old Sam used to follow 'is trade,
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The Runcorn Ferry

On the banks of the Mersey, o'er on Cheshire side,
Lies Runcorn that's best known to fame By Transporter Bridge as takes folks over t'stream,
Or else brings them back across same
In days afore Transporter Bridge were put up,
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Little Aggie

When Joe Dove took his elephants out on the
He made each one hold fast with his
To the tail of the elephant walking in
To stop them from doing a bunk
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