Letitia Elizabeth Landon

Letitia Elizabeth Landon

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Letitia Elizabeth Landon (14 August 1802 – 15 October 1838) was an English poet and novelist, better known by her initials L.E.L.
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The Sheperd Boy

KE some vision olden Of far other time,
When the age was golden,
In the young world's
Is thy soft pipe ringing,
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Thoughts Of Christmas-Day In India

IT is Christmas, and the sunshine Lies golden on the fields,
And flowers of white and
Yonder fragrant creeper yields
Like the plumes of some bold warrior,
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The Funeral

RK you not yon sad procession; 'Mid the ruin'd abbey's gloom,
Hastening to the worm's possession,
To the dark and silent tomb
See the velvet pall hangs
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The Fairy Of The Fountains

HY did she love her mother's so
It hath wrought her wondrous wo
Once she saw an armed
In the pale sepulchral light;
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FE has dark secrets; and the hearts are few That treasure not some sorrow from the world— A sorrow silent, gloomy, and unknown,
Yet colouring the future from the past
We see the eye subdued, the practised smile,
The word well weighe...
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The Pilgrim

Vain folly of another age,
This wandering over earth,
To find the peace by some dark
Banish'd our household hearth
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Sir Thomas Lawrence

ST art, the stars above Were fated on thy birth to shine;
Oh, born of beauty and of love,
What early poetry was thine
The softness of Ionian
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The Nizam’s Daughter

HE is yet a child in years,
Twelve springs are on her face,
Yet in her slender form
The woman's perfect grace
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On An Engraving Of Hindoo Temples

LE the present careth for the past,
Too little—'tis not well
For careless ones we
Beneath the mighty shadow it has cast
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Juliet After The Masquerade By Thompson

HE left the festival, for it seem'd
Now that her eye no longer dwelt on him,
And sought her chamber,--gazed, (then turn'd away),
Upon a mirror that before her lay,
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Long Years Have Past Since Last I Stood

NG years have past since last I stood Alone amid this mountain scene,
Unlike the future which I dreamed,
How like my future it has been
A cold grey sky o'erhung with clouds,
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The Rush-Bearing At Ambleside

ER is come, with her leaves and her flowers— Summer is come, with the sun on her hours;
The lark in the clouds, and the thrush on the bough,
And the dove in the thicket, make melody now
The noon is abroad, but the shadows are
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A Child Screening A Dove From A Hawk By Stewardson

AY, screen thy favourite dove, fair child,
Ay, screen it if you may,--Yet I misdoubt thy trembling
Will scare the hawk away
That dove will die, that child will weep,--Is this their destinie
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The Country Retreat

OH lone and lovely solitude,
Washed by the sounding sea;
Nature was in a poet's mood,
When she created thee
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The Orphan

Alone, alone
— no other
Wears kindred smile, kindred line;
And yet they say my mother's eyes
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Scenes In London II - Oxford Street

FE in its many shapes was there,
The busy and the gay;
Faces that seemed too young and
To ever know decay
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