Katherine Mansfield

Katherine Mansfield

1,000 карма
United Kingdom (Great Britain)

Voices of the Air

But then there comes that moment
When, for no cause that I can find,
The little voices of the
Sound above all the sea and wind
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I saw a tiny
Under a bright blue
That had white
And forked ribs of gold
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Walked out into the
And splashed in all the pubbles
She had such shocking
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When I was a Bird

I climbed up the karaka
Into a nest all made of
But soft as feathers
I made up a song that went on singing all by
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Fairy Tale

Now this is the story of
Who ages and ages
Lived right on the top of a mountain,
A mountain all covered with snow
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Out in the Garden

Out in the garden,
Out in the windy, swinging dark,
Under the trees and over the flower-beds,
Over the grass and under the hedge border,
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The Awakening River

The gulls are mad-in-love with the river,
And the river unveils her face and smiles
In her sleep-brooding eyes they mirror their shining wings
She lies on silver pillows: the sun leans over her
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