James Thomson

James Thomson

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James Thomson (c. 11 September 1700 – 27 August 1748) was a Scottish poet and playwright, known for his poems The Seasons and The Castle of Indolence, and for the lyrics of "Rule, Britannia!".
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In one diffusive band,
They drive the troubled flocks, by many a
Compell'd to where the mazy-running
Forms a deep pool; this bank abrupt and high,
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Nothing Formed In Vain

Let no presuming impious railer tax Creative wisdom, as if aught was
In vain, or not for admirable ends
Shall little haughty ignorance pronounce His works unwise, of which the smallest
Excceeds the narrow vision of her mind
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He when young Spring protrudes the bursting gems

He, when young Spring protrudes the bursting gems,
Into his freshened soul; her genial
He full enjoys; and not a beauty
And not an opening blossom breathes in vain
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Happiness of a Country Life

knew he but his happiness, of
The happiest he, who, far from public rage,
Deep in the vale, with a choice few
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Scene Between May and June

In lowly dale, fast by a river's side,
With woody hill o'er hill encompass'd round,
A most enchanting wizard did abide,
Than whom a fiend more fell is nowhere found
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On Beauty

Beauty deserves the homage of the muse:
Shall mine, rebellious, the dear theme refuse
No; while my breast respires the vital air,
Wholly I am devoted to the fair
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The lovely young Lavinia once had friends;
And fortune smiled deceitful on her birth:
For, in her helpless years deprived of all,
Of every stay, save innocence and Heaven,
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Evening In Summer

Confess'd from yonder slow-extinguish'd clouds,
All ether softening, sober Evening
Her wonted station in the middle air;
She sends on earth; then that of deeper
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On The Hoop

The hoop, the darling justly of the fair,
Of every generous swain deserves the care
It is unmanly to desert the weak,'Twould urge a stone, if possible, to speak;
To hear stanch hypocrites bawl out and cry,"This hoop's a whorish...
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Noontide Retreat of Summer As a Haunt for Meditation

Shook sudden from the bosom of the sky,
A thousand shapes, or glide athwart the dusk,
Or stalk majestic on
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Rambles In Autumn

But see the fading many-colour'd woods,
Shade deepening over shade, the country
Imbrown; a crowded umbrage, dusk, and dun,
Of every hue, from wan declining
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To Amanda

Unless with my Amanda bless'd,
In vain I twine the woodbine bower;
Unless to deck her sweeter breast,
In vain I rear the breathing flower
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The Four Seasons Spring

Come, gentle Spring
ethereal Mildness
And from the bosom of yon dropping cloud,
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The Four Seasons Autumn

Crown'd with the sickle and the wheaten sheaf,
While Autumn, nodding o'er the yellow plain,
Comes jovial on; the Doric reed once more,
Well pleased,
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Lines On Marle Field

What is the task that to the muse belongs
What but to deck in her harmonious songs The beauteous works of nature and of art,
Rural retreats that cheer the heavy heart
Then Marle Field begin, my muse, and sing;
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Spring Showers

The north-east spends his rage; he now shut
Within his iron cave, th' effusive
Warms the wide air, and o'er the void of
Breathes the big clouds with vernal showers distent
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