Isaac Watts

Isaac Watts

1,000 карма
United Kingdom (Great Britain)

Hymn 151

Prophecy and inspiration
'Twas by an order from the
The ancient prophets spoke his word;
His Spirit did their tongues inspire,
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Psalm 12

The saint's safety and hope in evil times
Lord, if thou dost not soon appear,
Virtue and truth will fly away;
A faithful man amongst us
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Hymn 103

Christ's commission
John 3:16,17 Come, happy souls, approach your
With new melodious songs;
Come, tender to almighty
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Psalm 47

Christ ascending and reigning
O for a shout of sacred
To God the sovereign King
Let every land their tongues employ,
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Hymn 20

The provisions of the table of our Lord
Lord, we adore thy bounteous hand,
And sing the solemn feast,
Where sweet celestial dainties
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Against Lying

O 'tis a lovely thing for
To early walk in wisdom's way;
To fear a lie, to speak the truth,
That we may trust to all they say
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Hymn 15

Our Lord Jesus at his own table[The memory of our dying
Awakes a thankful tongue:
How rich he spread his royal board,
And blessed the food, and sung
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