Georg Trakl

Georg Trakl

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Georg Trakl (3 February 1887 – 3 November 1914) was an Austrian poet and brother of the pianist Grete Trakl. He is considered one of the most important Austrian Expressionists. He is perhaps best known for his poem "Grodek", which he wrote shortly before he died of a cocaine overdose.
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Whispered Into Afternoon

Sun of autumn, thin and
And fruit drops off the trees,
Blue silence fills the
Of a tardy afternoon’s sky
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At evening the autumn woodlands
With deadly weapons
Over the golden
And lakes of blue, the
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Gone and passed is the gold of day,
And the evening’s brown and blue:
Silenced the shepherd’s tender
And the evening’s brown and
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In the spirit’s solitary
It is lovely to walk in the
Along the yellow walls of summer
Quietly whisper the steps in the grass; yet always
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Kaspar Hausers Song

He truly loved the purple sun, descending from the hills,
The ways through the woods, the singing
And the joys of green
Sombre was his dwelling in the shadows of the
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In The East

Like the wild organs of the winter
Is the people gloomy rage,
The purple billow of
Of stars leaf-stripped
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It is a light, that the wind has extinguished
It is a pub on the heath, that a drunk departs in the afternoon
It is a vineyard, charred and black with holes full of spiders
It is a space, that they have white-limed with milk
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To The Silenced

Oh, the great city's madness when at
The crippled trees gape by the blackened wall,
The spirit of evil peers from a silver mask;
Lights with magnetic scourge drive off the stony night
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The black snow runs down from the rooftops;
A red finger dips into your brow;
Blue snow flakes sink into the empty room,
They are a lovers’ dying mirrors
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De Profundis

There is a stubble field on which a black rain falls
There is a tree which, brown, stands lonely here
There is a hissing wind which haunts deserted huts—-How sad this evening
Past the village
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Sleep and death, the dusky
Around this head swoop all night long;
Eternity’s icy
Would swallow the golden
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Dreamless sleep - the dusky Eaglesnightlong rush about my head,man's golden image drownedin timeless icy tides
On jagged reefshis purpling body
Darkechoes sound above the seas
Stormy sadness' sister, seeour lonely skiff sunk downby ...
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Winter Evening

When snow falls against the window,
Long sounds the evening bell…For so many has the
Been prepared, the house set in order
From their wandering,
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