Arthur Henry Adams

Arthur Henry Adams

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Arthur Henry Adams (6 June 1872 – 4 March 1936) was a journalist and author. He started his career in New Zealand, though he spent most of it in Australia, and for a short time lived in China and London.
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To You

SO you have come at last
And we nestle, each in each,
As leans the pliant sea in the clean-curved limbs of her lover the beach;
Merged in each other quite,
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The World Has Grown So Grey

HE world has grown so grey, love,
The weary world so wide;
And autumn seems to stay, love —'T was autumn when you died
And everything is strange and new,
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The Perfect Present

SO I have kissed you
And this hour is mine
Its light along the level future lasts,
It crowns a drab eternity of Pasts
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CE, your little child is dead:
I cannot weep with you;
I have no more tears to shed;
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The Coming Of Te Rauparaha

UE, the wreaths of smoke, like drooping
From the flaming battlements of
Hung suspended; and within his
Hipe, last of Ngatiraukawa's chieftains,
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Just A Woman

OU ask me why I love her;
Not a charm can you discover
Would you
The heart that a shut rose is,
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All things must fade
There is for cities tall The same tomorrow as for daffodils:
Time's wind, that casts the seed, the petal spills
Grim London's ruined arches yet shall fall Back to the arms of Earth
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The Australian

CE more this Autumn-earth is ripe, Parturient of another type
While with the Past old nations merge His foot is on the Future’s verge
They watch him, as they huddle, pent, Striding a spacious continent, Above the level desert’s marge Loo...
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In Hyde Park

The white mist walks between the
In silver gown;
Her mystic floating
The branches drown;
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From Wellington Terrace

TE stars above, red stars beneath,
And o'er the bay the brooding hills:
No murmur, save a quiet
That faintly through the darkness thrills,
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TO a woman's wistful
In a startled wave of feeling,
Swift and sudden,
Sweeps love's flood in,
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The Wonderful Aussie Waler

When Allenby's Army smashed the
Who was the bloke who did all the
The Aussie knows and he'll tell you
That most of the job was done by his
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Man and Woman

[According to Maori mythology, the god Tiki created Man by taking apiece of clay and moistening it with his own blood
Woman was theoffspring of a sunbeam and a sylvan
US God made Man to cope with destiny:
Taking the common clay,
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The Pleiades

ST night I saw the Pleiades again, Faint as a drift of steam From some tall chimney-stack; And I remembered you as you were then: Awoke dead worlds of dream, And Time turned slowly back
I saw the Pleiades through branches bare, And close to m...
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Morning Peace

HE sudden sunbeams slant between the
Like solid bars of silver
moonlight kissed,
And strike the supine shadows where they
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Grey Eyes

HE glanced across the path to me,
Grey eyes
Her looks were kisses plain to see
I gave her glances back to her —Glad eyes
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