Andrew Marvell

Andrew Marvell

1,000 карма
United Kingdom (Great Britain)

In Legationem Domini Oliveri St John Ad Provincias Foedera

Ingeniosa Viris contingunt Nomina magnis,
Ut dubites Casu vel Ratione data
Nam Sors, caeca licet, tamen est praesaga futuri;
Et sub fatidico Nomine vera premit
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Edmundi Trotii Epitaphium

Posuimus Pater &
Frustra superstites
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The Fair Singer

To make a final conquest of all me,
Love did compose so sweet an Enemy,
In whom both Beauties to my death agree,
Joyning themselves in fatal Harmony;
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You, that decipher out the
Of humane Off-springs from the Skies,
What mean these Infants which of
Spring from the Starrs of Chlora's Eyes
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The Definition Of Love

My Love is of a birth as
As 'tis for object strange and high:
It was begotten by
Upon Impossibility
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A Dialogue Between The Soul And Body

SoulO Who shall, from this Dungeon, raiseA Soul inslav'd so many wayes
With bolts of Bones, that fetter'd
In Feet ; and manacled in Hands
Here blinded with an Eye ; and
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The Character Of Holland

Holland, that scarce deserves the name of Land,
As but th'Off-scouring of the Brittish Sand;
And so much Earth as was
By English Pilots when they heav'd the Lead;
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