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This is a Shakespearean sonnet I created. You must credit me, or copyright claims will apply if plagiarised. If you do need to use this sonnet for an assignment, make sure to write a little "jw" at the bottom, where the teacher won't notice in order to use this sonnet. Also, this is a work of a 12-year-old, so there are a lot of mistakes older and more professional viewers may recognise. The rhythm also is kind of messed up, so fixing some up may improve your marks if you are copying and pasting the sonnet. Thank you!


The chirping birds awaken the calm mood... 

Birds care for their young baby with no pay

And will protect their young from being stewed.

Birds are the sun on a bleak frigid day.

They turn the glum earth to a beaming smile

Like blithe rain after years of horrid drought.

With their relentless work with every pile

Of sticks, they've built the nest without a doubt.

But some eat loathsome foul abhorrent worms

And brashly bash and bite me, bruising me.

Their shrieking, squawking, screaming, screeching, firm

Mouth makes me truly want to swiftly flee.

Though birds fecundate fragrant flowers well,

So they're essential and supremely swell?

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