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Celestial - heartbreak, poem, life, love

You know I can’t swim, and that the waters are deep,

yet you sing it like a hymn, and lull me to take the leap

In my murky skies, your ambers dawn,

thawing and melting into pastel crayon

So, when in you, I find my safe haven, in my crystal heart your name I carven

It melts through my frozen core, shattering and bursting, like a sea raven

Seconds pass, and I'm six feet under,

drowning and gasping for air and I wonder

Perhaps it was all makeshift chemistry,

a falsity in our physical anatomy,

seducing us with the pure melody,

of a thumping heart injected in ecstasy,

a mere dysfunction in our biology

I search, and search, and search for you,

but all I see is arctic blue

Perhaps I liked how you looked at me,

the way you did, with your cocoa brown eyes,

like I am pure, and magic, and sunlit skies

My baby, you said you’d keep me afloat,
you said you’d guard me in your trimaran boat,

but you took everything and left me in desolation,

waiting, and waiting, as the torrent clutched my throat,

thrashing and crashing, enraged, and unsought -

until drenched in sea foam and azote,

I picked up the pieces and dragged my broken body ashore

Yesterday: I grew gills, and I chased other thrills,

but the coldness of my heart only grew,

because despite it all, I'd never belong to anyone, but you

But today I think:

You were nothing but cloudy lies,

of smoky tendrils interlacing my demise

In sand and salt, I found my salvation,

creating an asylum in my own pulsation,twisting and turning in mutation,

spiny branches swaying and morphing in alteration,

with canary flowers blooming in my heart,

hardening, softening, and breaking me apart

Baby, I'm a celestial star doomed to lead you obscure

Perhaps exploding balls of gas wasn’t my allure

You seek earth - full of flora and fauna - perhaps I am mine, and you are yours

Perhaps we are merely, and simply, abundantly ours



your deadly nightshade; your cherry tree.
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