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Memories and moments we made

Are plastered in my mind

I try to let them go

But they won't budge and are

Engraved like your name in my soul

Stubborn as my heart is

When it comes to move on from you

A whirlwind of emotions

The craziness of this heartbreak

Has taken away the tranquil I once possess

And made me a mess I can't save

Stubborn as my soul is

Which can't seem to let you go

I made peace with myself

Told myself I was not enough

But in the silence of the nights

My mind wanders to the happy days

And a question pops'what went wrong?'

You left with just just a line

'It's not you it's me'

As if it was enough

To forget the good ole' days and breathe

Stubborn my mind, my soul, my heart

Which just want to hold onto you

And torture me with all your

Sweet, beautiful reminiscences.  

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