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Psalm I

The man is blest whose feet not tread,

By wicked counsailes led:

Nor stands in that perverted way,

In which the Sinners stray;

Nor joynes himselfe unto the chaire,

Where Scorners seated are;

But in God's Law both dayes and nights To meditate delights.

He shall be like a Planted Tree We neere the Rivers see:

Whose branches by their moisture spring,

And fruits in season bring.

No parching droughts his leaf invade,

Or make his blossome fade.

For God will his indeavours blesse With prosperous successe.

But wicked men themselves shall find Like chaff blow'n by the wind.

Nor in the finall Judgment must Stand up among the Just.

For God the righteous guides, and knowes The path wherein he goes:

When wayes of Sinners perish shall In their eternall fall.


Henry King

Henry King (1592 – 30 September 1669) was an English poet who served as Bishop of Chichester.

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