Since the very birth we’ve been told

How to live.

We should eat, we should move we should breathe,

Respect everyone, especially the old!

But no one tells that our live is just a leaf.

It’s rotten,

Falls on deadly frozen ground

And after gets forgotten.

Our path has the end, the beginning

Or the beginning and after the end?

All people cry that it doesn’t matter in the middle,

They say this part should not be bad

Because of that.

Who made such a dump suggestion?

I’ll kick this bastard’s ass for that!

Everything ends, so what is the point

To choose or not this dog or haircut or cat?

What you will leave on the Earth

Has no price at all, you idiot.

Your sweet kids, so as legacy, will be burnt.

Does it worth?! Does it worth?!

So what’s the point?

They say: “Continue your own kind”.

The dumbest words I’ve ever heard!

Who thinks the same has lost his mind.

There is no use to feed the worms

By putting children food to rot

Into the ground.

Love is the main purpose!

Shut up you there in the corner.

Love is a witty way to act alive,

But say the same before a coroner.

Love, as you said, for what?

To hurt the second part, that’s right?

Cause just in fairy tales love doesn’t end and hurt.

Now men are simply cattle with a small or not device.

Their goal to put it in the middle right.

I’d rather be alone and miserably happy,

Instead of yelling about love and live.

We are already dead in our coffins.

Sleep tight.

Good night

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Сергей Пузырев
Good night..