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Looking into the eyes of Gerard de

You notice the giant sea crabs rising.

Which is what

When you look into the eyes of Gerard de Nerval,

Always the same thing: the giant sea crabs,

The claws in their vague red

Moving around, a little doubtfully.2.

But looking into the eyes of Pierre

Is like throwing the editorial

Out into the

And then riding alone on the subway.

Also, it is like avoiding your father.

You are hiding and he looks for

Under each vine; he is coming

And nearer.

What can you

But ignore him?3.

In either case, soon you are riding alone on a subway.

Which is not important.

What is important is to

Looking too closely into the eyes of your father,

That formal eclipse.

Larry Patrick Levis (September 30, 1946 – May 8, 1996) was an American poet.
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