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This world

This world - степанеева, поэтесса

This world is full of different human beings.
And everybody tries to find his way.
Some people search for love and vivid feelings,
The others spend their days in humble pray.
We want to built unique and joyful story
And share life with someone who we love.
When we are darling - we don't need no glory:
We feel so safe as with the God above.
I see this world through the prism of beauty
And every sound is charming for my ears.
I don't accept all anger, hate and cruelty,
I can't be deaf to any human tears.
I need to feel the harmony inside me,
I want to take all kindness from the saints.
I know: the universe is fair and guiding
And all of us will get their happy ends.
2017 г.

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