Sant Tukaram

Sant Tukaram

1,000 карма
United Kingdom (Great Britain)

The Price

If you treat the opposite sex with reverencewill you pay a price
If you stop your fault-finding and covetous wayswill your earnings not suffice
If you sit in prayer and meditationwill it cost a living wage
If you trust the words of ...
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Smaller than the smallest atom

Smaller than the smallest atom,
All embracing as the heavens,
Tuka views the world objective -Name and form as all delusion -Realising its true
Serpent like, he drops his cover,
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All Blest Are They

All blest are they whose heart with pity grows
Who left Vaikuntha
their home,to serve mankind;
Who slight their person's needs ( it is not myth)Whose hearts are broad ;
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Sakal hee majhi

None see me off
Let those go home who
Receive this blessing from a loosing
Let righteous deed secure you all good
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Thou art more kind than mother dear

Thou art more kind than mother dear,
More soothing than the rays of
Thy love an ever flowing tide,
Sinks deeper than a common streamI know of none that equals Thee -Thou best of all immortal GodsI wave my name above Thy head,
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