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The Pixy and the Grocer

How bright the room seemed!

It was as if a ray of light came from the book, a luminous tree whose branches spread out across the ceiling.

The leaves were fresh and green and on each branch flowers bloomed and fruit hung.

The flowers were faces of young maidens, some with radiant dark eyes and other(s) with clear blue ones.

The fruits were sparkling stars.

All the while the most beautiful music could be heard.……………….

He [the pixy] experienced greatness.

He saw what we see when God, disguised as the storm, walks across the turbulent ocean.

He cried without knowing why he cried, but found that in those tears happiness was hidden. "How wonderful it must be," he thought, "to sit under the magic tree together with the student." But that was not possible; he had to be satisfied with looking through the keyhole.


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